E-Scape Insights

Nationally, there’s an increasing need for students to learn critical languages like Russian, Chinese, Korean, Persian, and Arabic. OLC STARTALK E-SCAPE incorporates three virtual escape rooms, each filled with engaging puzzles, riddles, and challenges, to help students develop passion for these languages and related careers.

With a range of materials, the flexibility of the toolkit equips educators to thoroughly support students as they explore their own potential – from developing language skills to investigating new career paths.

Check out this short series of insightful videos from language experts who use these critical languages in their daily work. Educators can integrate these videos into the program curriculum to enlighten students on the career possibilities available to them.


Curious about what it takes to be a translator and interpreter? Learn from Aaron, an expert in the field who has worked with international organizations like the United Nations. From deciphering foreign scripts to bridging communication gaps across cultures, he shares his journey and valuable tips for success.


Looking for a career that combines language skills with real-world impact? Learn how Laura went from being a keen student studying Eastern languages to working and influencing policy in a fulfilling 33-year career with the National Security Agency.


Have you ever wondered what impact learning a new language might have on your career options? Meet Matt, a specialist from the Atlantic Council's Global China Hub. Hear how learning Chinese opened doors for a career in global politics and policy-making.


Culture and language go hand in hand – and languages can help us transcend borders. Hear from a passionate language educator, Dali, to hear the importance of learning new languages and understanding diverse cultures.


Meet Shaoyu, a multilingual educator. Shaoyu is a Chinese native language speaker who uses her background and language skills to design online courses, bridge cultures and train critical language instructors. Dive into her story and get inspired by her passion for making language learning engaging and accessible.


Language skills can take you places! From army infantry to a Farsi linguist, Tom has experienced the power of words firsthand. Go behind the scenes of his inspiring journey to hear what it’s like navigating different languages and cultures as an army linguist.